Install Materials

completed kerdi shower with bench, drain, and niches
Kerdi Shower Bench, Drain, & Niches - Installed | SCHLUTER
kerdi shower waterproofing band demo
Kerdi Waterproofing - Demo | SCHLUTER
Kerdi waterproofing shower demo
Kerdi Waterproofing - Demo | SCHLUTER
Kerdi waterproofing demo
Kerdi Waterproofing - Demo | SCHLUTER
shower corner waterproofing with Kerdi
Kerdi Waterproofing - Demo | SCHLUTER
tiled kerdi corner bench
Kerdi Corner Bench - Installed | SCHLUTER
tiled kerdi shower bench
Kerdi Shower Bench - Installed | SCHLUTER
drain waterproofing and corner shower shelf demo
Drain & Shelf - Demo | SCHLUTER
schluter tile edging installed
Schluter Edge - Installed | SCHLUTER
Tiled shower niche
Shower Niche - Installed | SCHLUTER
shower line drain installed
Line Drain - Installed | SCHLUTER
channel body line drain install
Line Drain Waterproofing - Demo | SCHLUTER
waterproof demo of shower drain grate
Drain Waterproofing - Demo | SCHLUTER
install demo of schulter drain waterproofing
Drain Waterproofing - Demo | SCHLUTER
Installed shower corner shelf and drain stainless steel
Corner Shelf & Drain - Stainless Steel Curve | SCHLUTER
Installed kerdi shower niche shelves
Kerdi-Board - Shower Niches | SCHLUTER
orange kerdi board shower/tub installation
Kerdi-Board - Installation | SCHLUTER
Kerdi tiled shower niche
Rectangular Shelf-N - Stainless Steel Floral | SCHULTER
kerdi bathroom components
Kerdi - Bathroom Products | SCHLUTER
nuheat orange cable membrane
Floor Heating - Membrane | NUHEAT

Elevate your installations with quality materials.

We understand the importance of high-quality installation materials at Skytouch. That's why we offer a consistent range of trusted products to ensure your projects are completed with precision, durability, and style.

Supplied by Custom Building Products, Prism Grout provides a wide array of color options and superior performance, ensuring a lasting, efflorescence-free finish.

When it comes to reliable waterproofing and shower systems, Kerdi Membranes, Kerdi-Board, and RedGard Membranes are unmatched. From stylish metal shower shelves and line drains, to innovative pre-sloped trays and shampoo niches, we supply everything you need to create a visually stunning, waterproofed shower space.

Enjoy a new level of comfort and luxury with nVent Nuheat and Ditra supplies. Whether it's cables, thermostats, or custom heat mats, Skytouch has everything needed to bring warmth to the floors of you new bathroom—or any room! Committed to energy-efficiency and easy installation, Nuheat products offer unparalleled convenience.

Visit Skytouch today and explore our exceptional collection of installation materials and supplies.

Frequently Asked Questions

While we have a some of the most common Schluter products in-stock for your convenience, we can order anything else you may need from the Schluter Website.