Pavers & Patio Slabs

patio slab pond feature
Texada - Natural | BELGARD
paved driveway charcoal
Roman - Charcoal | BARKMAN
 3 size textured pavers
Old Country Stone - La Jolla | BELGARD
poolside patio pavers
Manhatten - NEWSTONE
irregular stone shapes patio install
Flagstone - Granite | BELGARD
irregular shape natural cut stone
Flagstone - Copper Canyon | BELGARD
paver drive multi-sized
Dimensions 12 - Victorian | BELGARD
backyard patio pavers
Dimensions - Victorian | BELGARD
smooth face uniform dimensions
Dimensions - Tofino Grey | BELGARD
dimensional step stones pavers
Dimensional Steps - Fon Du Lac | BARKMAN
3 piece outdoor patio pavers
Dimensions - Mountain Ash | BELGARD
outdoor patio slabs
Cortez - Copper Canyon | BELGARD
patio slabs outdoor
Cortez - Copper Canyon | BELGARD
classic paver driveway grey
Classic Standard - Shadow | BELGARD
Circle Stepping Stone - Grey | ROCKY MOUNTAIN CONCRETE
paver driveway
Broadway - Sterling | BARKMAN

Pavers are a durable way to enhance the beauty and functionality of any walkway, driveway, or patio.

At Skytouch, our concrete pavers and patio slabs offer a variety of styles, from contemporary modular designs to traditional cobble and brick pavers, we provide options that match any outdoor look.

Designed to withstand heavy loads, many pavers are ideal for creating stunning driveway designs that boast durability, so you can trust that your new outdoor space or patio will stand the test of time.

We supply products from renowned brands like Belgard, Basalite, Barkman, and Newstone, allowing us to offer a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes to suit any design preference.

Stop by Skytouch today to browse our impressive in-stock collection of pavers and concrete patio slabs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Once product is installed, there is no warranty. Installed product is deemed acceptable by the customer and the supplier company and Skytouch are not liable.

See below for your brand of pavers installation instructions: