Large Format Tile

decor tile large living room
Schegge - Calce Decor | C&S
grey beige marble textured wall tile
Marvel X - Calacatta Pearl | JULIAN
white and grey marble floor tile
Verona - Calacatta Gold | AMES
Large grey bathroom floor tile
Off - Grey | C&S
dark large format wall and floor tile in living room
Anthology - Dark | AMES
large grey and gold square floor tile
Epoque 21 - Grigio Etrusco | FONTILE
copper colored large floor tile in dining room
Worn - Copper | C&S
Black and white marble wall tile slabs
Lux Experience - Panda White | AMES
wavy textured light wall tile
Donna Décor - Sand | FONTILE
Copper toned 12x24 large floor tile
Met Arch - Copper | AMES
beige large floor tile
District - Beige | JULIAN
square large format light floor tile living room
Dorica - Avorio | FONTILE
dark grey 24x24 square wall floor tile dining room
Wide - Steel | AMES
light large format wall tile
Vertino | S.E.G.
large dark grey wall and floor tile
Glocal - Perfect Natural | JULIAN
24x48 white marble floor tile
Marble Lab - Calacata Statuario | AMES
grey and copper marble living room floor
Epoque 21 - Arabescato Antique | FONTILE
large square bathroom floor tile
Amb Malini - Blanco | S.E.G.
mixed stone floor library
Ama Ricetta - Avario | FONTILE
large dark grey marble bathroom wall tile
Denmark - Dark Grey | AMES
grey square bathroom wall and floor tile
Frozen - Blanco | S.E.G.
wavy white textured large bathroom wall tile
White Décor - Wavy White | AMES
grey glossy large wall tile
Magda - Marfil | S.E.G.
brass brown large 24x48 bathroom wall tile
Rebel - Brass | FONTILE
large dark bathroom wall and floor tile
DaVinci - Carbone | AMES

Large format tiles are an elegant way to make a bold statement.

At Skytouch, our large format tiles offer the ideal balance of style, durability, and versatility. With our competitive collection—all sourced from trusted suppliers—you can find the perfect tile to suit your needs and budget.

Whether you’re creating your dream ensuite or remodeling your kitchen, we’re here to help you find the right large format tile for your project.

We carry a wide range of styles, colors, sizes (12x24, 24x24, 24x48 and larger), along with various finishes including matte, glossy, and diamond polish.

Visit Skytouch today to find the perfect tile for your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our tile suppliers are in Western Canada. If the product is in stock, then it would only take a week or sooner for the tile to arrive at Skytouch Flooring.

Yes, Frost Resistant Tiles can be installed outdoors.

2cm Porcelain Tiles are a great outdoor tile option.

All floor tiles can be installed on a wall, but wall tiles are only certified for wall application.

Skytouch Flooring tiles (both In-Stock and Order-in) are sold by the full box.

Order-in product will not be eligible for return.

Only In-Stock tiles may be returned, and they must be by the full box within 30 days of purchase.